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What can be cheaper than buying and selling for free. With cars it's the cost of advertisment,  the markets that you put you advert in and the results you get. Check it out
  • Posted on: 10.07.14 
VW Passat 2.0 BiTDi GT 4Motion

Whats it like?

The new VW Passat for 2015 and orders are open now to get the most advanced VW passat first. The car is faster, lighter, and more high tech but is that a good thing!

So what are the changes, well the car is length is shorter, wider, lower with a longer wheel base. Cabin height is increased, boot space increase and rear headroom. Which is good news for family's who want economy.

The engine capacity for the new VW range has improved the 1.6 tdi has 118

  • Posted on: 10.07.14 
Tips o selling used cars
Prepare your vehicle: Make sure the car is fully Valeted. Without doubt it will add value to your sale. If it has not been serviced recently, you can get it done for about £100. Also re-MOT the car if it is due to expire in the next 3 months or less. Finally, a cheap pair of new hub caps are great value for money in making a car look good for sale. Go to a details shop and you may spent $90 to 100 to wax/shine up your car externally, and to wash/dry/polish it in the inside. Your tires will get a good wash too—and this will impress your potential customers. This investment will definitely be
  • Posted on: 05.04.14 
My Motoring Trader .Com now live
My motoring trader is the main sales site for letting customers buy and sell for free. We have recently updated alot of our services and made them available for you. The latest update is the first major update of 2014. This is for Other features we are introducing is a redesign of the profile page to make it more social,  and add email facility. As always buy and sell for free.
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Making money buying and selling used cars
When you buy a used car to sell on there are many factors to consider. 1. Budget 2. Car type 3. Experiance 4. Knowledge of used car From a  view point of someone who sells cars I  can say this with confidence that knowledge of the car is very important. If it's a particular model always research the car. Find about what your target market wants to know. 1. Quality of build. 2. Rust. 3. History. 4. Maintenance. 5. Features. 6. Performance. These are a minimum that you will need to know when your potential buyer comes to view the car. When you buy a car also
  • Posted on: 04.25.14