Best tips for buying and selling used cars Part 2 of 5

Buying Used Cars

A used car and its interior.

The interior of a car can give clues to the age and also how much usage its had in its life. A car can be only 5 years old but the usage can be 10 years or more. Something that can not defy usage is the steering wheel, gas pedal, the buttons on the dash, the indicator stalks.

1. Steering wheel, check for color being faded. Check for smoothness, all steering wheels have a rubberized feel that’s rough. If its smooth then you can guess 80,000 + miles.

2. The gas pedal is also hard rubber, check to see wear and tear, check for cracks, check for torn areas. If it is again 80,000 miles +

3. The buttons on the dashboard for the radio, ac, ect on all models are done with high resistant paint. If the paint has started to fade, then consider its either a taxi, or some hire car, if not then possibly abuse. Again the car has done miles in excess of 100,000 miles +

4. The indicators are also a sure sign that a car has been used. If the indicators are too stiff or too loose then there are issues of wear and tear. Check the writing or paint to see if it has been used like a taxi.

All these are sure ways that a car has been abused. further on the interior will be posted tommorow.

by dabeer

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