Best tips for buying and selling used cars Part 1 of 5

Buying Used Cars

1, Check the car from the outside, what kind of condition is it in ? is it in good keep. Start from the obvious the body.

What are you looking for ?

1. Dents
2. Scratches
3. Rust
4. Replaced bumpers, panels of different shades and not fitted properly
5. Condition of tyres

2. Engine bay ?

1. Look for oil leaks
2. Water pipes leaking
3, Radiator leaks
4. Check for air leaks

Check by pressing down on each side of the wheel are there any creaks, squeals, may be a sign of the shocks or springs not working.

Make a list of all the faults of the cars, list them according to the expense they may cost to repair, and minus from the cost of the car.

Remember if the cost of repair is higher then it is not worth the hassle.

PART 2 tomorrow

by dabeer

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