Booming Car Industry in Britain

Britain’s car industry

Currently the UK car industry is in a boom, the falling prices of used cars and decrease in new car prices, make the car buying now a bargain.

The company “we buy any car website” is also preparing to jump on the stock market bandwagon with plans for a £1.2 billion float.

Used cars buying and selling is big business. The biggest players know this and the growth of buying and selling is driving down the cost of cars.

What cars are best buys and best sales ? currently those that give great mileage, or those that have high powered engines but people cant insure them.

A Peugeot 1.4 HDI is a great bargain, with £30 tax for the whole year and more than 50 miles per gallon its a bargain for the daily driver with cost as a budget.

A golf TDI 150 has 150 bhp, the engine is 1.9  so not only does the car give you great mileage it also gives you the speed boost you might crave for the car to be nippy.

For those who want prestige you have the choices to buy a mercedes, bmw, or even audi. The mercedes e class comes at a bargain at around £3000 for a 2.7 cdi which is not only good on mileage but also a car with pedigree.

If you want more of a sports car then a bmw 530d sports can be more your thing. Has plenty of power and costs about £3000 also. This bmw 530d when new would have cost £30,000 new.

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