Best tips for buying and selling used cars Part 2 of 5

Buying Used Cars

A used car and its interior.

The interior of a car can give clues to the age and also how much usage its had in its life. A car can be only 5 years old but the usage can be 10 years or more. Something that can not defy usage is the steering wheel, gas pedal, the buttons on the dash, the indicator stalks.

1. Steering wheel, check for color being faded. Check for smoothness, all steering wheels have a rubberized feel that's rough. If its smooth the

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Best tips for buying and selling used cars Part 1 of 5

Buying Used Cars

1, Check the car from the outside, what kind of condition is it in ? is it in good keep. Start from the obvious the body.

What are you looking for ?

1. Dents 2. Scratches 3. Rust 4. Replaced bumpers, panels of different shades and not fitted properly 5. Condition of tyres

2. Engine bay ?

1. Look for oil leaks 2. Water pipes leaking 3, Radiator leaks 4. Check for air leaks

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Booming Car Industry in Britain

Britain's car industry

Currently the UK car industry is in a boom, the falling prices of used cars and decrease in new car prices, make the car buying now a bargain.

The company "we buy any car website" is also preparing to jump on the stock market bandwagon with plans for a £1.2 billion float.

Used cars buying and selling is big business. The biggest players know this and the growth of buying and selling is driving down the cost of cars.

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The economy conundrum.
A recent article I read claimed that cars with large engines give better fuel efficiency than smaller engines. However the problem is a better fuel efficiency on an engine is not the same as better economy. 3.0 litre engine may be efficient but a 1.4 litre engine will give you more miles per gallon guaranteed. The best cars to buy are those with electric motors. This with a petrol engine can give 70+ mpg.
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The new BITDI VW Passat
Whats it like? The new VW Passat for 2015 and orders are open now to get the most advanced VW passat first. The car is faster, lighter, and more high tech but is that a good thing! So what are the changes, well the car is length is shorter, wider, lower with a longer wheel base. Cabin height is increased, boot space increase and rear headroom. Which is good news for family's who want economy. The engine capacity for the new VW range has improved the 1.6 tdi has 118 bhp and the 2.0 comes with 148 and a 187 bhp range. The exciting diesel range will be the new twin turbo which will come with 2
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