The new BITDI VW Passat

Whats it like?

The new VW Passat for 2015 and orders are open now to get the most advanced VW passat first. The car is faster, lighter, and more high tech but is that a good thing!

So what are the changes, well the car is length is shorter, wider, lower with a longer wheel base. Cabin height is increased, boot space increase and rear headroom. Which is good news for family’s who want economy.

The engine capacity for the new VW range has improved the 1.6 tdi has 118 bhp and the 2.0 comes with 148 and a 187 bhp range. The exciting diesel range will be the new twin turbo which will come with 237 bhp and a blue motion later in the year.

The BI TDI has a 7 speed auto dsg box and a new 4 wheel motion drive. This makes the new VW more economical and more efficient than the BMW series and the Audi a4 range.

The new VW is also very quite and non lethargic across the entire rev range, making the drive an actual great car to drive.

The VW also sets for a boost at 4000 rpm, however this is not a sports car and there isn’t that excitement  that you might be with BMW or Audi. Why have I not mentioned the Mercedes, its simple its a car with class!

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vw-passat-2014-4motion-004 vw-passat-2014-4motion-009 vw-passat-2014-4motion-013

Buying the VW Passat is great but should you buy the VW over the BMW or Audi or even the Mercedes that’s up you. However keep in mind the price difference will vary as you may get more than your moneys with in extras with the VW however may not get the image brand like the BMW or the Mercedes.

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